About Knowles Consulting

We are leadership development and organizational cultural transformation consultants.  We work with leadership teams to move their organizations from good to great.

The focus of leadership development should always be  on helping people to become authentic and fully self-actualized. This means supporting the individual and his or her own evolution as well as supporting the evolution of consciousness of humanity and the evolution of the organization and with organization in which they work.  – Richard Barrett, Barrett Values Centre

How do we do what we do?

We measure personal entropy and cultural entropy. 

Personal entropy is the degree of dysfunction in one’s life that the presence of conscious or subconscious fear-based beliefs causes.

We measure Cultural Entropy in your organization.

Cultural Entropy is a measure of dysfunction. It shows us the degree of non-productive or destructive energy in an organization. e.g. blame, manipulation, internal competition, corruption.  

When we can measure it, we can address it!

Cultural entropy is correlated the leaders’ values and associated behaviours. It all starts with understanding the individual’s and organization’s values and correlated behaviours.  The values come from the leadership team and the historical way (memory) the organization works. It’s  “the way things are done around here.” These values and behaviours  may or may not be optimal at instilling a climate of innovation, creativity, trust, and bonding – all required to bring out the best in people and teams.

For people to be really inspired they need permission to take their whole self to work. And there needs to be an alignment of one’s personal values to the organization’s values.

We offer leadership and organizational values assessments and consulting, coaching and training services.

Ready to take a look at your organization from a deeper perspective? Wondering what is really going on? Consider speaking to us about the potential impact of our work at your organization.