In The New Leadership Paradigm, Richard Barrett talks about the importance of culture.

What is culture anyway?

  • An inspiring vision focuses the energy of all employees in the same direction.
  • The pursuit of an inspiring vision gives employees an opportunity to make a difference in their service in a way that brings meaning to their lives.


A highly motivated person is committed, enthusiastic, and passionate and taps into their deepest levels of creativity. If you want to unleash employees discretionary energies, they need to feel at home in the organization so they can be their authentic selves [values alignment]. They need to feel that the organization is on the right track [Mission alignment]. Most organizations suffer from  cultural entropy or disengagement that normally falls in the range of 5 to 45%. For measuring the cultures of more than 2000 organizations between 1979 in 2009, Barrett Values Centre has found that bankruptcy, implosion or aggressive takeovers can occur when cultural entropy reaches the upper end of this range.

Cultural entropy is the key causal predictor of performance in any organization, business unit, or division. Cultural entropy is highly correlated with employee engagement and revenue growth. High levels of entropy lead to low levels of employee engagement and revenue growth.  High levels of personal entropy are correlated with high levels of cultural entropy. One of the key impacts of a breakdown in internal cohesion and internal stability is a rise in cultural entropy.

As far as leaders are concerned, low levels of personal entropy are correlated with low levels of cultural entropy

Based on this experience, we have identified the corrective measures associated with various levels of cultural entropy. In government and municipal agencies, which do not go bankrupt, high levels of cultural entropy caused significant inefficiencies for service delivery leads to angry customers and disgruntled staff.

Therefore benefits for reducing cultural entropy they are attracting talented people to increased employee engagement three reducing turnover and four increase performance.

 In order to have organizations that have really wonderful cultures, we need strong leaders. And those leaders need to be involved in the evolution of human consciousness so that we can tame continually develop a new leadership paradigm. We use the term leadership development describe a process for supporting individuals in their personal professional growth so they can fulfill their potential by becoming all they can become and thereby find personal fulfilling. The focus of leadership development should always be but on helping people to become authentic and fully self-actualized. This means supporting the individual and his or her own evolution as well as supporting the evolution of consciousness of humanity and the evolution of the organization and with organization in which they work.

Excerpt from The New Leadership Paradigm by Richard Barrett

We uncover the source of the current limitations – that is the current culture and climate. Then we work with your leadership team to create a living environment or culture that creates shifts at the individual, team, and organizational level.