The Barrett Values

Cultural Transformation Tools we employ enable us to identify and map the values of an individual, an organization, a community or a nation to Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness model.  The Seven Levels of Conscious represent a context, path, and checkpoint for personal, leadership, and organizational development.

How Values Assessment Process Works

Values Alignment: We ask a group of people to pick ten values that represent who they are personally, how their organization/community/nation operates (current culture), and how they would like it to operate (desired culture). With this information we are then able to measure the level of values alignment.

Value Jumps: We can also measure which values in the current culture people want to receive more prominence in the desired culture. These are called values jumps. The values with the highest value jumps–those with the biggest increase in votes are the ones that should be given the most attention.

This toolset provides the foundation data required to do our transformation work with you, your team, and your organization.