I had the pleasure of working with Wendy for several months and I found her unconventional approach in revolutionizing corporate culture to be very refreshing.    She is  fearless and extremely driven.  I am sure that Wendy will  make a difference in any organization which she touches.

Best Regards,

Raj Kapahi

Chief Operating Officer
Wicker Emporium – Chain of Home Decor Stores
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

“I have recently had the pleasure of taking an advanced leadership communication course from Knowles Consulting.  Although I had some personal objectives for taking the course I was somewhat apprehensive as to what the course would or in fact could deliver.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned from “The Coaching Clinic” course and the facilitator Wendy Knowles.  Learning anything new tends to be much more effective by actually practicing the new skill.  The practice that this course engaged in zeroed in on my weaknesses as well as my strengths which were brought out in modeling the “coaching conversation”.

With learning any new skill practice makes perfect and the course allowed participants the time to take real life examples and apply the skills we learned over the 2 day session.  Since returning to my workplace I have had numerous instances where the “coaching conversation model” has proved extremely beneficial and has helped me in becoming more effective with my day to day conversations at work and at home as well.  Having Wendy provide several additional coaching sessions after returning to work was invaluable in cementing the skills and principles learned during the course’s class time.

This course is beneficial to anyone and everyone!  We can all stand to improve our skills to be better, more effective communicators in not only our work lives but our home lives as well. “I highly recommend this course!”

Wendy Coote
Financial Officer
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
2009 Employee Achievement Award Recipient


Testimonials for Richard Barrett’s Work

“As an active and experienced user of Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools, I commend his ideas and frameworks to anyone who is committed to a values-based approach and to long-term sustainable success.”

- John McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, Australia


“The whole system approach in Building a Values Driven Organization has provided our organization with an extraordinarily powerful practical framework for guiding and driving transformation in every aspect of our organization.”

- Tom Boardman, Chief Executive Nedbank Group, South Africa


“Whatever the current state of your organization, Richard Barrett’s Building a Values-Driven Organization is a must read. As someone who has hired Richard as a consultant to work with our business, I can assure you this is a practical, ‘how to’ guidebook. You will be amazed at the response from your organization and the resulting manifold benefits for your employees, your customers and the results of your firm.”

- Grant Kvalheim, Co-President, Barclays Capital, New York


“Richard has that rare gift for pragmatic vision. This vision is fully displayed in Building a Values-Driven Organization. He can translate the future into the present in a matter of minutes, always in a way that is comprehensive and applicable to your situation. I recommend to any leader in any organization that you have Richard show you the way to meet the future, today.”

- John J. Smith, President/CEO, HearthStone Homes, Inc